It’s been awhile since I blogged about myself and I felt like today would be a good day. Today is a very “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” kind of day. 

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks and it’s crazy how much I had to run around with all this college stuff. I may have not made it to where I want but I’ll get there. 

I got a skate deck and painted it with Frank Iero’s symbol of the connection between good and evil. I got a book that would help me with maybe getting some scholarships (fingers crossed). 

People can be very stressful still. Confusing, doubtful, not thoughtful, provoking, have a bug up their ass, I mean it’s all the same, right? Everything is just kinda the same. It’s weird not to have to get up and go to high school anymore, it really is.

If only people were more caring and honest and thoughtful of others, yet they sometimes are unaware of themselves. All in good time. 

So as the riff plays out at the end of the day, keep the faith. 


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Title: The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Artist: Garbage
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Garbage || The Trick is to Keep Breathing

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Title: Helena (Rain)
Artist: My Chemical Romance
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"Helena"- My Chemical Romance Rainy Mood

Requested by anonymous

Download here, just right click and save



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Today was not worthy.

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 i lost my shit at adele then lost it harder at white chritsmas

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